‘We Will Not Let Egypt Burn’ : Nawal El Saadawi

our new address http://feministsindia.com/ For more than five decades, the famed Egyptian physician, writer and feminist has been fighting the powers that be. The Root caught up with her just hours before President Mubarak stepped down. By: Rebecca Walker http://www.theroot.com/views/egypt-catching-history-nawal-el-saadawi Nawal El Saadawi — an Egyptian psychiatrist, scholar, novelist, feminist and activist — has been … Continue reading

What’s it like to wear a burqa ― A young woman’s experience

our new address http://feministsindia.com/   http://www.write2kill.in/reports-editorials/women/541.html When the burqa debate was raging across the world, a young Pakistani women’s rights activist, who doesn’t wear a headscarf as a rule, travelled to Jalalabad in Afghanistan to see for herself what it meant to wear one. This is her story. Gulali Ismail, a 24-year-old university student in … Continue reading

The Heart of India is Under Attack

Arundhati Roy http://www.guardian .co.uk/commentis free/2009/ oct/30/mining- india-maoists- green-hunt The low, flat-topped hills of south Orissa have been home to the Dongria Kondh long before there was a country called India or a state called Orissa. The hills watched over the Kondh. The Kondh watched over the hills and worshipped them as living deities. Now these … Continue reading